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Postpartum Services:

As a postpartum doula I can offer:

Assistance with welcoming your child home, integration into your new life, and support for those beginning times.

Breast/chest/bottle feeding support.

Calming techniques for babies as well as rest for the birth parent during this postpartum period. Assistance with organizing baby items/clothing in the home or nursery.

Meal preparation, assistance with sibling support, as well as morning and bedtime routines as needed. I

Assistance in doing the shopping for groceries, running errands, and support for the new parent on the first few outings with baby.

Day hours:

Offered in minimum blocks of 4 hours of time. 

One 4 hour block - $120

Two 4 hour or one 8 hour block - $200

Four 4 hour or two 8 hour blocks  - $400

Additional hours available with discussion.

Night hours:

Offered in 8-12 hour blocks of time

One 8 hour block - $200

Two 8 hour blocks - $400

One 12 hour block - $300

Two 12 hour blocks - $600

Additional hours available with discussion.

*I also offer an 8-12 hour overnight for planned Cesarean birth clients to help with baby and birthing individual's care during that first night of recovery. This can also allow you to "room in" with your new baby if you are being monitored or on continuous medications. 

Please contact me for details.

You are the love of my life. From the moment I first saw you, the second you were born. I knew that you were the love of my life. Quite simply the love of my life – Carly Simon

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