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I have always offered virtual phone and video support for distance clients and I am pleased to continue doing this for those requesting this in the time of social distancing. 

Free Consultation 

I am available virtually and in-person to answer any questions you might have and discuss how I can best assist you with your own individual needs to make your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period what you want them to be.

Please see the contact page on how to reach me.

Phone & Email Support 

I'm available for the support of the expecting individual or family during the prenatal period through the postpartum period to help and support with any questions or concerns they might have surrounding this time. I can offer and share my knowledge to help support with evidence based information and referrals to people and agencies for specific needs

Prenatal and Postpartum Services 

I offer services to a varied array of expecting family situations big and small. Including specific support for military families with partners that might be deployed overseas.

I can assist, support, guide or educate you during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period according to your specific situation and needs.

Labor and Birth Services

I will be available to offer help with positioning and comfort measures during your labor and birth and to help and support you in your decisions. I can help you center yourself and enable you to feel control over your individual birth experience per your request as this is your birth, your body, and your baby.  

These services include helping you navigate the emotional ups and downs that can occur during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and assist you in finding additional support(s) as needed.

Please see separate services pages for details and costs for specific birth services and postpartum packages.

 Please call for details and questions about virtual support during the current COVID-19 pandemic.   

Sliding Scale fees available and can be discussed.

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